The Cognitive Studies degree program offers an integrative approach to the study of cognitive processing. The program draws from the fields of Neuroscience, Computer Science, Linguistics, Art, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, and Physics. Cognitive Studies emphasizes strategies for investigating how real and artificial brains process images and language, form concepts, and solve problems. Though several discipline based courses provide important background knowledge and serve as points of departure for cognitive explorations, the degree program features integrative courses at the introductory and advanced levels.
Central themes in the courses include the relationship between consciousness and cognitive processes, the emergence of adaptive pattern-recognition schemes, non-linear methods for modeling complex systems, the use of language, symbols, and images for representing and manipulating knowledge, memory and decision processes, the relation of thought to action, and the latest advances in machine intelligence. Adequate investigation of these phenomena requires a synthesis of methods and considerable exposure to important new technological capacities. Thus, in addition to the broad-based conceptual analysis of intelligent systems, students will be trained in a diversity of electronic media, including telecommunications networks, artificial sensory and motor systems, data base management, and problems associated with human/machine interfaces.
Students completing this program should expect to gain an appreciation for the general way in which empirical evidence, simulation, and conceptual analysis work together to enrich our understanding of the cognitive processes underlying intelligence and the ability to solve complex problems. The graduate in Cognitive Studies will have preparation for work in fields utilizing the modern information technologies, or for advanced studies in cognitive science and graduate programs concerned with cognitive development and performance.


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